The Octagon

The Octagon

The Octagon is a collection of open access articles written by Amherst College faculty. The Open Access Resolution, passed in 2013, reflects the faculty’s commitment to disseminating the results of its scholarship and research to a worldwide public audience; the Octagon represents that commitment by allowing faculty to submit their articles to an open access collection. Articles in the Octagon are available to the public, free of embargoes or paywalls, and easy to access.

The Octagon makes the research and scholarship of the Amherst College faculty as broadly accessible as possible. Open access is immensely beneficial to researchers and scholars. It increases potential readership and allows researchers to provide unrestricted, worldwide access to scholars as a matter of public good.

The Octagon currently includes faculty members’ published articles; other products of scholarship or research that an Amherst College faculty member wishes to share to a worldwide public audience may be considered on a case-by-case basis. For further questions, please see the Open Access FAQ or contact us by email.

This collection is named after the Octagon, which was built in 1847-1848 to house the College’s Natural History Collection, an astronomical observatory, and the Nineveh gallery, and is currently the home of the Black Student Union. This name represents the College’s commitment to collecting and sharing scholarly resources.

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